Evan Merner

Made In Manchester encapsulates the spirit of the late 80’s, early 90’s, MADchester scene, from which a new generation of youth culture was born. With the rise of now iconic bands such as The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays, and the burgeoning rave scene, the birth of MADchester shaped the city into an (even bigger) hub of exciting new music, with super-club The Hacienda at the heart and soul of it all. Using appropriated material and mixed media, this body of work explores the spirit of the cultural scene through the use of sound, colour and abstract imagery, transporting the viewer back in time in a bid to emulate the distinctive musical ethos in Manchester during that period. Hailing from just outside of the Northern powerhouse, a resurgence in Mancunian pride over the past year has been witnessed first-hand, and therefore the creation of this body of work seemed like an instinctual progression of my own practice. Encapsulating the spirit of the day in a way that more than just the original generation can relate to, Made in Manchester provides a impressionistic glimpse into an era that defined not only a generation, but a city

Instagram: @evancphoto
Email: evanmerner@gmail.com